Welcome to the website for Kelly A. Damm, Attorney at Law.

I am a successful trial attorney with substantial experience in criminal, family, matrimonial, and surrogate issues. My philosophy is that everyone deserves to have the best legal representation possible … and that is what I provide for each of my clients.

As a sole practitioner in Ithaca over the last 14 years, I have long been committed to being a dedicated advocate for any member of our community – including those who cannot afford an attorney, through the assigned counsel program and my pro bono work. I handle cases from initial appearance through hearings, preliminary exams, non-jury trials, and jury trials. Over the years I have taken custody, visitation and family offense matters to trial, divorce matters to trial, and support matters to hearing.  I have represented clients in on-jury trials (where the decision is made by the judge),as well as jury trials to a verdict (an increasing rarity in these days of settled cases).

I look forward to working with you to reach a successful resolution of your legal issue.



Kelly A. Damm


Here are some of the most significant areas in which I practice:

Adoption cases
Attorney for Children cases
Child Support cases
Court-Appointed Referee cases
Criminal cases
Driving While Intoxicated cases
Drug Offenses
Family Offense cases
Foreclosure Actions
Juvenile Delinquent and Person in Need of Supervision matters
Landlord and Tenant matters
Matrimonial cases
Paternity cases
Traffic Violations
Visitation and Custody cases

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