Depth of Experience

I have been successful in representing my clients’ interests in all types of cases. Through my years of practice, I know how the law works and how the court system operates – and how to increase the likelihood of coming to a positive resolution for legal issues I handle.

Abuse and Neglect Cases

In most cases, in order to regain custody of children from the Department of Social Services, a parent must demonstrate total commitment to resolving the problem issues identified in the case. The parent must be able to show the caseworker, counsel, and the Family Court that he or she is ready, willing, and able to truly be a parent to the children on a full-time basis, and that safe and stable housing and reliable financial support are provided. 

Adoption Cases

The most memorable adoption involved children I represented during the neglect case against their parents. After the court terminated the rights of the parents, the children were adopted by their foster parents. The children had been placed with the foster parents three years prior to the adoption, and have benefited from the stability provided by the adoptive parents.

Attorney for Children

Acting as an attorney for the child is a necessary step to ensuring a child’s safety. My most memorable case involved conducting a home visit, where I discovered extreme dangers and health hazards in the home, including loose pills/medications on the floor, filth, and substance abuse by the parents – all of which created an environment of neglect for the children. The children were placed with a family member and thrived in that family members’ home.

Child Support Cases

My most memorable case was establishing a father’s income by imputing income that he was capable of making, but no longer earning due to his own wrongdoing.  Based on this calculation, which was much higher than his current earnings potential, the mother and child were able to benefit from a favorable monetary judgment.

Court Appointed Referee

I was involved with a foreclosure, where the bank refused to credit a homeowner with $17,000 in payments. I demanded proof of the bank’s expenses and calculations for amounts due. The case was appealed in the middle of the action and I conferred with an Appellate Judge, who supported my demand for proper proof from the bank to complete the foreclosure action. I ensured the homeowner was credited the proper amount.

Criminal Cases

I defended an individual in a hate crime case, which resulted in a misdemeanor conviction after appeal. The felony conviction was overturned on appeal.  Most recently, I obtained an acquittal for my client in a case which involved the death of a fraternity member in a hazing incident at a local university. 

Family Offense Cases

My most memorable case involved a parent filing a family offense petition against an adult child. The petition was resolved with an order of protection on agreement between the parties, but without an admission of wrongdoing. Mental health services were ordered for both parties.

Matrimonial Cases

My most memorable case involved drafting a separation agreement for my client, which the parties executed and filed with the County Clerk. 18 Months later, the parties came to me to nullify the Separation Agreement because they reconciled… and remain married today.

Paternity Cases

My most memorable case was establishing paternity for a client who was unaware that he fathered a child after a brief relationship with the mother. The petition was filed over a year after the child was born. Ultimately, the father gained custody after a trial.

Visitation and Custody Cases

My most memorable case involved gaining sole custody for a mother and an order of protection for the mother and the children, until the youngest child reached the age of 18. The custody decision was made due to the father’s unstable, abusive, and criminal actions against the mother, and his attempts at alienating the children from their mother.